The Problem

Problem: Mendiknas doesn’t provide a coherent platform to find educational materials.
  • The Ministry of Education (Mendiknas) has separated educational materials into different sites (content by the ministry, content by teachers, content by TV, and a separate Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) but no global directory, so a user cannot easily answer the simple question:  Where can I find a course on SMA biology?
  • They don’t link to any free (or paid) quality educational materials available elsewhere (ex. Khan Academy)
  • The National Curriculum is in PDF only and not linked to resources or advice.

Problem: One-way communication with teachers.
  • So far, we have not found a good forum for teachers to support and learn from each other.  (Please let us know if there is!)
  • The Moodle LMS is great for tech-savvy teachers but is likely too complicated for teachers who are getting online for the first time.
  • Unknown if the Moodle LMS will allow teachers from different schools to talk with each other.
Problem: Few statistics on schools, users or impact.
  • So far, we have not found good information about the use or impact of the online educational materials. (Let us know where to find them!)
  • The government provides information about schools, but not in a useful way. We would like to know how many schools have computer labs, how many are using the government websites on an occasional or frequent basis, etc.
  • They appear to have little traffic. (Need to verify).
  • Our site doesn’t specifically address these issues but we will certainly track & publish our use statistics and measure our impact!

Our Solution: Online Education Portal

There is a wealth of quality free educational materials online.  It’s easy to find the English language materials but one must dig deeper to find the Indonesian language materials.  We want to build the go-to portal for finding Indonesian language educational materials.

Stage 1: List educational websites in a a collaborative wiki (ex. Wikipedia).
Stage 2: List individual course materials.
Stage 3: Publish a more full-featured site or a Learning Management System (LMS).


For Indonesian language educational materials.  Can link to other repositories of English listings but no need to duplicate them.

Anyone can add or edit (ex. wiki), rate & review.

Focus on Indonesia:
Link National Curriculum requirements to the educational materials* that fulfill the requirement.

Teaching Resources:
Provide lesson plans and other advice for implementing the materials* and/or National Curriculum requirement.  * These will be most effective when listing individual course materials.

Teacher Support:
Teacher’s forum to share experiences and help each other.  (So far we have not found a decent Indonesian teachers forum.)
Weekly chat for educators via internet (or sms?)

Student Support?:
Student forum to share experiences and help each other. However, we first need to determine how to keep children safe online.  For now, direct users to the government’s Moodle LMS, although it is too complicated for K-12.  The online answer platforms (ex. Brainly) appear too simple and geared towards quick answers to homework questions, rather than exploratory learning.

Translation Project:
Promote & coordinate translation of existing educational materials.

Content Creation Project:
Encourage teachers & students to create more materials.

Examples of Directories of Educational Materials


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